Process of making


  Making each carpet takes 7 step which all are 100% hand work.


1- Yarns: carpets are made of different kinds of yarns like silk, wool, cotton, kork,… Depending on yarns type it takes some manual process to make treads out from yarns.

2- Dyeing: Dyeing hanks with natural colors is an ancient legacy which families and tribes have leaved from each generation to next ones.

3- Drawing: many carpets are known by the name of their designer. Some designers, sketch similar draws and others, sketch unique design every time

4- Looms: in this step solid, precise frames will be set and vertical and horizontal looms will be fixed in their places.

5- Weaving: at last weaving will start. This step is very artistic, hard & time consuming process. Each carpet may weave with one or more weavers which share their experience, life time and health with their art to create priceless piece.

6- Polishing and Washing: after carpet has been weaved, they take it out of its frame and take it for wash and polish. Washing and polishing carpets will be done with different materials and in different ways which are secrets of each company or weavers.