Material Classification


Persian Carpet/Rugs has constructed from horisental and vertical looms which has been connected with knots. Each of these parts could create from different raw materials. Based on carpet parts and materials we can classified each region carpets.


1- Wool: most of Persian carpets has been made of Natural high quality Wool.


2- Kork Wool: Kork is fine, high quality, soft Wool which being used for high quality carpets with higher amounts of knots per inch and soften surface.


3- Cotton: Cotton mostly has been used for the foundation of city and workshop carpets.

4- Partially silk: The Term Partially Silk usually has been used for carpets from woolen knots and silken Vertical Looms. Also sometime weavers use silk fibers for horizontal looms. 


5- Inlaid Silk: In some Carpets Parts of figure will be weaved with silk fiber knots. This will make carpet more beautiful and gives its figures semi 3D look.


6- Silk: Silk carpets have been weaved 100% from Natural Silk which have the highest quality among other materials. Due to thinner fibers of silk, these Rugs Usually have highest Knot per inch and took longer time and higher skills to be weaved. Thus and since Silk is much more expensive than wool, 100% Silk Carpets are finest and most expensive Ones.